bowie, mcqueen, bjork

David Bowie: Do you think of clothes themselves as being a way of torturing society?
Alexander McQueen: I don’t put such an importance on clothes, anyway. I mean at the end of the day they are, after all, just clothes and I can’t cure the world of illness with clothes. I just try to make the person who’s wearing them feel more confident in themselves because I am so unconfident. I’m really insecure in a lot of ways and I suppose my confidence comes out in the clothes I design. I’m very insecure as a person.

DB: Which comes to… who is the shittiest designer?
AM: Oh my God…

DB: Who is the worst designer?
AM: In my eyes?

DB: Yeah, in your eyes.
AM: Oh God, I’m open for libel here now, David…

DB: Do you think there’s more than one?
AM: I think you’ve got to blame the public that buy the clothes of these people, not the designers themselves because it turns out they haven’t got much idea about, you know, design itself. It’s the people that buy the stuff.

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